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Q - I've never had a professional service care for my pet before - how does it work?

A:  Call us at 587-425-0303 and we will get back to you within 24 hours at which time we will answer your questions and set up a free in-home consultation. We will discuss your pet's history, go over their routine, talk about their needs and answer all of your questions. We are more than happy to show you our license, insurance papers, and our employees' background checks. If you are happy with our service we can fill out the paperwork and we can receive a copy of your house key.


Q:  What are the benefits of hiring a dog walker?

A:  A dog walker provides socialisation and exercise for your dog.  A dog walk helps keep your dog stimulated, exercised and prevents them from being lonely.  Exercise is important to dogs, a dog who is adequately exercised will behave better.  A dog walk also creates a healthy lifestyle which aids in maintaining a healthy weight.


Q:  What are the benefits of puppy visits?

A:  Puppies have small bladders and need more frequent breaks than adult dogs.  We provide your puppy with an opportunity to get out of the house while you are away.  Daily visits also play a critical role in allowing your puppy to develop good social skills.


Q:  Why should I choose Lethbridge Dog Walking to pet sit?

A:  Your pet will remain in their familiar, secure environment and follow their customary diet and exercise routine. Most importantly, your pet will receive lots of love and personal attention while you are away. We have NO blackout dates. Lethbridge Dog Walking pet sitters are employees who have passed a background check and are under liability insurance. Most importantly we are loving, dependable and trustworthy!


Q:  Are you licensed, and insured?

A:  Lethbridge Dog Walking is licensed through the City of Lethbridge and registered in the province of Alberta.  We are insured.  In the complimentary meet and greet, we will show proof of insurance.

Q:  Do you have dog behavioural training?

A:  Lethbridge Dog Walking’s primary care giver, Hollie, received canine and feline behavioral training through her volunteer work at the Calgary Humane Society.  These training courses focused on reading canine and feline body language.  An animal will always give indications of what they intend to do through their body language.  Being able to decipher what an animal is telling us, prior to them reacting, ensures the safety of the pets in our care.


Q:  What experience do you have with pets?

A:  Lethbridge Dog Walking, has employees with a variety of pet experience.  We will provide the best employee to care for your bird, gerbil, hamster, rabbit, rat, fish, turtle, lizard, cat or dog. All of our pet sitters are passionate about animals and pets.

Q:  What are your hours?

A:  Our office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. 

Our pet sitting hours are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Q:  Do you only care for cats and dogs?

A:  Dogs and cats are the most commonly cared for pets, but we are happy to care for all pets.  We have cared for lizards, turtles, snakes, birds, rabbits, fish, hamsters, gerbils, rats, horses, and cows.


Q:  What is the process for hiring you?

A:  We first make arrangements to get together for a free consultation, where we come out and meet with you and your pet(s) to make sure everyone is comfortable.  We will discuss your pet's history, go over their regular routine, talk about their unique needs, answer all of your questions, and fill out some paperwork. We will provide you with our license and insurance papers. This is also a good time to give us a copy of your house key.  For Pet Sitting visits we will pick up a deposit.


Q:  Are there any additional costs involved?

A:  There is an additional $10 fee for statutory holidays (New Years Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day,  Thanksgiving, Christmas Day).


Additional charges also apply to returned cheques as well as if you run out of food, litter or other supplies while on vacation.  There will be an extra charge for picking up any missing pet related items.


Q:  May I give my Pet Sitter/Dog Walker gratuity?

A:  Absolutely! We prefer you to leave cash for your sitter at your home and leave a note so they are aware it is for them. Gift cards are also a great idea and appreciated. You may add a gratuity to your bill but taxes will have to be taken out and be reported.


Q:  How much notice do you need for Pet Sitting?

A:  The more notice we have the better. Holiday periods (March break, long weekends, summer, Christmas) sometimes book up months in advance. Two weeks in advance for other times of the year is usually sufficient.


Q:  What is a typical Pet Sitting schedule?

A:  There is no typical routine or schedule as all pets are as unique as people. When we meet we discuss what you would like us to do with your pet while we are visiting. We try to keep the routine as close to their normal routine as possible.


Q:  I am worried about giving someone the keys and access to my home. How am I protected?

A:  We understand your concern. We are all fully licensed and insured. All team members have had police background checks done on them.


In addition to this keys are tagged in a way that there is no way, if they were lost, anybody who found them could track them to your home.


Q:  What do I need to know before hiring a pet care provider?

A:  Anyone who is running a reputable business will be happy to provide you with all the answers you need in order to feel comfortable leaving your pet(s) in their care.  You should know that professional dog walkers require a license to operate in Lethbridge, Alberta.


Q:  What questions should I ask someone who will be caring for my pet(s)?

A:  You should ask if they; are properly licensed and insured, have a clean criminal record, and are Pet First Aid Certified.

For a list of important questions to ask someone:

Q:  Can you visit my cat every 2-3 days instead of every day?

A:  It is not a good idea to leave your cat home alone unattended for extended lengths of time. Though most cats will get along fine if they have a litter box, fresh food, and water, accidents can happen. Injuries or illnesses can creep up quickly and may threaten your cat’s health if undetected. Your cat’s emotional state is as important to us as his or her need for food, water and a clean litter box; so we visit them a minimum of once per day to provide the practical basics but also to offer plenty of love and playtime so that she/he remains happy and stress-free. Daily visits help ensure the safety and security of your cat and your home.

Q:  Will my dog get dirty on a walk?

A:  The short answer is "yes". We walk rain or shine and most dogs love to get dirty. We ask that you keep a towel handy so that we can dry your dog before we let them into your home.  We return your dog to your home with a clean belly and paws.


Q: How does Lethbridge Dog Walking access my home if I'm not there?

A:  Most clients prefer to give us a copy of their key, which we store in a safe. In the event that you are called away unexpectedly or are delayed at work or when travelling, it makes it easy and convenient to contact us and schedule a service on short notice. However if you prefer to make other arrangements we can discuss that during our initial meeting.

Q:  What if my pet needs medication?

A:  We can administer most medications, and are happy to do it during our visits or before walks.  Having Lethbridge Dog Walking administer medication ensures they are consistently receiving their medicine at the same time.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A:  Lethbridge Dog Walking reserves the time slot for your pet and may turn down other clients.  To best serve our clients needs - we have the following cancellation policy. Dog walking and Puppy and dog visits must have 24 hour in advance cancellation.
For pet sitting we require five days notice.  After that period, a cancellation fee will be charged of 25% of the total of reservations (i.e. $100.00 reservation, $25.00 cancellation fee).


Q: What happens if I return from a trip early?

A:  As stated above, once service begins, there are no refunds or credits (unless it is good reason). Early Returns/Last minute Changes: It is not unusual for trip plans to change at the last minute. Please understand that Lethbridge Dog Walking carefully schedules our time to service you and our other clients.


How does payment work?

A:  Lethbridge Dog Walking is eco-minded; invoicing for all dog walks and visits is done bi-weekly, the last day of the month and the 15th, via e-mail. If you prefer a hard copy of your invoice please let us know. 

For pet sitting a small deposit will be required at the time of booking in order to hold your dates. The balance will be due upon your return. 

We accept payment in cash, by cheque or via e-transfer.



Frequently Asked Questions

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