The Life of a Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

I started my dog walking and pet sitting business a little over four months ago. I traded in working a desk job with a steady income, benefits, and scheduled vacations for doing something I am passionate about.

Since starting my business in March, I find I wake up earlier than I used to. I am happier than I ever was before, and now I like going to work! I am always in a good mood when pet sitting, and walking, my four legged friends.

I enjoy meeting pet owners and talking about their pets. I love how we can learn so much about animals by talking about our experiences with them. I could talk for hours about pets.

Every day is a new experience and a new adventure.

I love my job. I love pet sitting. I love dog walking. Starting this business was the best decision I have made.

How could I be sad looking at a face like this?  Even in the rain!
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