How Your Pet Will Travel With Lethbridge Dog Walking

I am an over protective pet owner. I want my animals travelling in a clean vehicle, that is easy to get in and out of. A vehicle that is fully upholstered is not ideal, because it can get soiled and fragrant. If the vehicle smells bad, the occupants might become smelly too!

Pets who are unrestrained in a vehicle is unsafe. A dog free to move onto your lap, or around the vehicle is very distracting and can lead to an accident.

I chose a Ford Ranger for Lethbridge Dog Walking's business vehicle.

The pet limo:  A fully covered Ford Ranger.

The back of the truck is cleaned on a regular basis, a welcome sight for the dogs to get in when they go on their off-leash adventures. It is completely covered by a brand new canopy with pet friendly screens so the windows can be opened for ventilation during travel. In the colder months I insulate the back of the truck with blankets and straw. While in transit, the back of the truck is locked shut for the animals safety.

The dogs enter and exit the truck via a ramp. I chose a ramp for the dogs, to ensure they could enter and exit the vehicle comfortably regardless of size and jumping ability.

The dogs get introduced to the ramp gradually. I first lay the ramp on the ground and encourage them to go back and forth over the ramp by having them follow a treat. When they have that mastered, I will either move the ramp to going up a curb, or right into the truck if the dog seems confident. I encourage the dog to follow the treat up the ramp into the truck.

Here is Murphy going in and out of the back of the truck for the first time.

I NEVER force the dog to go into the back of the truck. If they don't want to go there, they can ride shotgun with me until they are comfortable with the idea.

Vanna Brown in the back of the truck cab

Murphy is a 65 lb dog. There is plenty of room for any dog to ride back here.

If your dog has other travelling needs, such as going in a crate, please let me know so I can accommodate them.

My first ride with Murphy in the back of the truck went very well. I was more anxious to see his reaction than he was with the experience. I kept glancing in the mirror to make sure he was okay. At one point he looked at me and yawned; as if to say "Chill out, I am fine riding in the back."

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