Keeping our Cities Clean; One Poop at a Time

Know the signs:

You are enjoying a spring walk when, BAM, you step in it: dog crap. You double check your treads and find that yes, you did step in it, and it was a fresh one. You wipe it on the grass; scrap it on the curb, dip it in puddles, but nothing works. Once it is on your shoe, it is impossible to get off. For the rest of that shoes life, you will look at it, and wonder; could I have done more?

Why is there so much crap left on the ground? Pet owners are legally responsible to pick up their pets waste. You would think that leaving your pets waste on the ground would be as taboo as smoking near a building. Yet, I see more dog excrement left on our sidewalks and in our parks than people smoking. Dog feces carries organisms that can be harmful to us, our children, our pets, wildlife, and the environment.

But what can we do? We are the responsible pet owners who are picking up after our dogs. It is someone else who is being negligent and disrespectful. You can take one for the team. Next time you stoop to scoop your own dogs poop, be a good neighbour and pick up that pile of crap next to it.

We can clean up our cities; one poop at a time.

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